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The Halo & Honey Story

Halo & Honey’s founder and creator, Crystal has always been captivated with all things beautiful, both earthly and luxurious. Her mother often had candles lit in her childhood home, drawing her to them with their aromas and the beautiful vessels they came in. She loved the instant feeling they gave her and the deep connection to memories they brought. The Greater Vancouver local’s joy in being creative led to the desire of designing her own candle and scent collections, and soon Halo & Honey was born and established in early 2016.

Crystal finds great happiness in being able to pass on the powerful impact candles have had on her to others, and takes true pleasure in seeing the expressions of people when they smell her candle collections. Her dreams wouldn’t have been possible without the love and support from her extraordinary husband Matthew, her amazing mother Nisha, and the helping hands of her little sister Keeli.

All of our candles are hand poured with love in our beautiful studio in Langley, B.C. Each candle is created using 100% premium natural soy wax and slow-burning cotton wicks. Our alluring aromas are created by infusing fragrance oil mixtures; some with touches of beautiful botanicals, or ethically sourced quartz crystals bestowed by our sister company, Midnight Moon Metaphysical.

Bringing radiance and sweetness to you.

“Nothing brings to life again a forgotten memory like fragrance”

- Christopher Poindexter

 -Xo Lots of Love         

Halo & Honey

Crystals Inspiration

I am an IVF mama to a miracle moon babe, Amara. The wife to a talented tattoo artist and shop owner and my number one supporter, Matthew. I am a

dog Mom to two fluffy Pomeranians Dominic & Roman. Daughter to Nisha, who is is a big part of Halo & Honey. Daughter in law to Maria, who always supports our handmade goodies.  I am the creator and curator of a unique crystal shop as well Midnight Moon Metaphysical.

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